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We deal with people individually and we’ve had a lot of success over 30 years, so whether you have been here before, or are a newcomer, welcome to our practice

Much of our success has come from never wavering vision of helping you attain greater health and wellbeing. This motto influences all of the treatments we offer and has proven itself to be the most effective way of attaining the best results for our clients.

Working within this framework means that we provide our clients with the best possible treatments, as well as complementary coaching or advice to help them to achieve, and sustain, good health.

Commitment and Care

Our client feedback confirms our personalised treatment, service, and commitment to improve the quality of life. That is irrespective of age or ailment.

I am very fortunate that my vocation became clear after my first massage. Remedial massage therapy has so much scope for making a real difference to the people we treat and I wanted to make a difference. Equipped with this focus, I qualified and became a full-time practitioner in 1981. I opened my practice in 1984.

Evolving Health

Since then, I have devoted my professional life to an “evolving” health clinic offering Remedial Massage Therapies. We now provide other services such as Quantum Biofeedback to support improvement and lifestyle changes.

Client wellbeing is the result of a joint approach by practitioner and client. They bring the aches and pains and we bring an understanding of assessing the body and helping to repair a wide range of injuries and ailments. As healthcare professionals, we advance our knowledge base with continuous educational upgrading.

My qualifications are

  • Diploma Remedial Massage HLT50302
  • Practitioner Diploma Myofascial Release Therapy
  • Diploma Quantum Biofeedback Practice
  • Australian Sports Commission Accredited Coach Level 2

Our biomechanical knowledge and variety of techniques enable effective treatment. As a participating sportsperson and Coach, I understand the practical application of treatments. Clients regularly receive guidance towards actions such as dietary change, better footwear and seating, or exercises to complement their treatment.

This orientation towards treatment ensures better long-term results and is integral to the goal of enhancing a sense of wellbeing.


Prue Fitzpatrick

Disclaimer – We are qualified to practise Natural Therapies only

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