Quantum Bio-Feedback (SCIO)

Assisting you to achieve good health and wellness

Bio-FeedbackOur Quantum Bio-Feedback treatments have helped so many of our clients, we have decided to make it a core treatments.

If you have unresolved health issues, or are run-down and fatigued, absent of vigour and vitality, then Quantum Bio-Feedback therapy could be the answer.

Biofeedback is;

  • Non-Invasive
  • A Complementary Treatment
  • TGA Approved Medical Device – Connected via electromagnetic harness.
  • Free of medications
  • Provides Bio-Feedback Data
  • Addresses Imbalances
  • Applies Resonant Frequencies

The system assists with a variety of health issues, such as;

  • Chemical overloads
  • Radiation Overexposure
  • Weight Loss
  • Pain Relief
  • Stress Management
  • Sports Performance and Enhancement
  • Injuries
  • Anti-Ageing
  • Brain Stimulation/NLP
  • Allergies
  • Detox/Tonify
  • Childhood Dysfunction – ADD/ADHD
  • Hormone Imbalance
  • Nutrient/Mineral Balancing
  • Dental/Oral

Quantum Bio-Feedback provides us with an excellent process for detecting and addressing stress and abnormalities within the body. It reports on biological reactivity and resonance and indicates needs, dysfunctions and vulnerabilities. It tells us about the state of the body and the direction in which our system is focussing its energy .

Quantum BiofeedbackTreatments are straightforward and simple

Just sit in the armchair and relax. Straps, similar to watchbands, connect you to the device for a painless and non-invasive scanning and rebalancing process. It is suitable to all ages, including the very young and the elderly.

Quantum Biofeedback FAQ

How many sessions will I need? This depends on the nature and severity of issues brought forward. Usually, 3 fortnightly appointments produce significant ongoing results. Electro-magnetic credit-type cards may be obtained and carried, to maintain and enhance the benefits. The first procedure might take 2 hours. Subsequent sessions can be shorter.

BiofeedbackWhat will I feel during, immediately after, and following my Biofeedback? There is very small electric current applied during the session. Most people do not feel anything at all. Some are aware of impulses. You may be slightly listless for 12-24 hours following. That should not deter you from normal daily activity including driving away. Within a fortnight, you should begin to feel the benefits.

Do I need to purchase supplements? We do not under any circumstances prescribe nor even suggest any supplements nor medications. We do not interfere with medications clients maybe taking as prescribed by their medical practitioner. We endeavour, through electrical resonance produced by the Biofeedback system, to enable your body system to absorb all those essential minerals and vitamins through a healthy diet. A healthy diet is presumed to provide all the nutrients you need. We aim to assist you to retain these in your system.

What can be treated? The system achieves very good outcomes with immunity, viral, bacteriological, and others around prevention of colds and/or ‘flu’. There are good results with Hay Fever and allergic reactions and sensitivities. Muscle issues, Inflammation, strains and sprains can also benefit enormously. Blood Pressure and Angina also have been dramatically improved and ,in some cases, eliminated. Improvement s in some of these areas may also require supporting lifestyle and dietary changes.

What cannot be treated? Broken bones, muscle tears, serious organic deficiency. Biofeedback may be applied for (say) a fracture to relieve swelling and other impacts such as circulation resulting from the break.

Can Biofeedback treat children? Yes – the programs include a number covering children’s issues. Your child must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian throughout the procedure. We keep these sessions shorter and often apply treating energies to the electro-magnetic card which might be kept under the pillow as your child sleeps. We can also work from a Hair Sample if your child might not be happy in the harness for an extended period.

What if I cannot attend your Clinic? You can provide us with a Hair Sample which has acceptable accuracy on most occasions. We can then apply remedial action by way of the “electromagnetic” card.


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