Quantum Bio-Feedback Testimonials

Following many years of competitive Lawn Bowling, I had a diagnosed tear in my deltoid muscle. The pain was constant and debilitating. One treatment with the SCIO Pad on the area the pain went and never reappeared. Monthly treatments since then, have sharpened my competitiveness, overall health and well-being.    Mary

I tried Biofeedback to deal with my low White Blood Cell Count and poor Immunity. During the procedure, they dealt also with my chronic Insomnia. I have had no problem with any of these areas since. I have had an improved vitality and a sense of wellbeing ever since and that has enabled me to lift my exercise routine for even more benefits.     Margaret

Our 6yo daughter had been through numerous medical tests for ongoing and recurring stomach pains. The tests all reported negative. One biofeedback session, performed with a Hair Sample, revealed an acidic system and sensitivity to acidic foods. Appropriate adjustments were made to her diet. Since that time, she has been pain-free.    Nicole

After suffering Hay Fever for decades and having tried every medication available as well as undergoing two courses of allergy injections (one of which sent me into anaphylactic shock), I held little hope of ever being free of this debilitating condition. My decision to try Quantum Biofeedback with Sandy and Prue has paid off, as I have just enjoyed my first symptom-free Hay Fever season in a very long time. BioFeedback rocks! My sincere thanks.    Barry

…18 months ago, I was struck down by Menieres Disease. This left me with a blocked ear causing severe balance difficulty as well as increased Tinnitus. There is no cure for Menieres and I lost certain tones in my hearing permanently. I therefore attended the Quantum Bio-Clinic with some scepticism but with nothing to lose. The treatment involved no pain or interference to my physical being… It took 8 months for my ear to unblock and for the Tinnitus to become bearable once again. My balance improved and I went through a whole Winter without severe sore throat, colds, or sinus flare-up (first time in years) … Each session I attend, I find relaxing and I do not even have to state what ails me as the machine usually picks up spot-on what is wrong. I have found over the past year that I feel less fatigued and am enjoying better health than I have experiencing in past years.    Roberta

Diagnosed with severe Angina, I had 2 stents inserted in 2004 and 2005. 4 years later, I was again experiencing the Angina symptoms so I attended a BioFeedback session. It took over 2 hours and I was issued with an “energy” card at the end. This was to assist with cholesterol and blood pressure issues having impact on the Angina attacks. Three months later, I ceased relieving medications. It is now 15 months without Angina attacks.    Robert

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